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Denise DQPorcelain veneers have been around for a long time. If you’ve seen many Shirley Temple movies, you may have noticed that during all those movies…which span the entirety of her late childhood and early adolescence…you never saw her with missing or partially erupted front teeth…as you would expect to see with children. Her teeth always looked straight and perfect…with nothing rotated, crooked, partially erupted into place, or missing. This was achieved with a combination of porcelain veneers for the partially erupted or crooked teeth…and dental prosthetics for the missing teeth. These veneers could not be permanently attached to her teeth because bonding had not been invented yet. But, they could cement them into place long enough to film each scene she was in.

Smile StentIn the late 70’s/early 80’s various bonding agents became available that allowed porcelain veneers to go from being just a temporary “Hollywood fix” to a more long-lasting option to consider for improving one’s smile. Dr. Quevedo has been doing porcelain veneers since the early 80’s. In those days, the typical case involved very little (if any) tooth reduction. The veneers were made to bond directly on top of the patient’s teeth which (of course), made the front teeth feel “thicker” to the patient than they originally were. Although they looked nice, they did not look beautiful by today’s standards. In addition to the “bulky…thick” way they looked and felt…it was almost impossible to get a good, smooth margin around the edges. You ended up with the edge of porcelain creating a ledge along the gumline, which is not good for the gums. It is very difficult to take a diamond bur and smooth this edge of porcelain flush with the tooth without also scratching, abrading, or ditching the neck of the tooth. Because of these reasons…no-prep veneers fell out of favor and you didn’t see very many high end cosmetic dentists placing them anymore. The only situation that no-prep veneers make much sense is in the case of abnormally small front teeth, such as “peg laterals”.

Let’s fast forward to today…The finest cosmetic dentists almost always minimally reduce the front surface of the teeth receiving porcelain veneers. Minimal prep veneers involve removing from 0.3 mm to 0.75 mm of the enamel across the front surface of each tooth, which is almost negligible. This is how thin today’s more beautiful porcelain veneers are. This keeps the teeth from looking and feeling “bulky” or thick…and allows us to achieve very smooth finish lines along the margins (in other words…no ledge around the edge). With minimal prep veneers being the current state of the art, it is somewhat amazing to see a reemergence of no-prep veneers today. The company that markets them so heavily has renamed them from what they were called back in 1984…but even with the new name and the multi-million dollar advertising budget…they’re still the same basic thing we put behind us back in the 80’s.

Smile Style GuideWith ALL of our porcelain veneer cases we begin with two things. First of all, the patient selects their perfect smile design using our computerized “Smile Style Guide”. You’d be amazed at the variance from smile to smile…and beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. So…rather than have you tell me you’d like a “pretty smile” (which really isn’t very specific, is it?)…you get to pick the smile that YOU think is beautiful! Since the best surprise is NO surprise, we feel it’s better to have the patient involved throughout this process rather than making them wait until it’s time to deliver the case before they’ve seen what they are going to look like. Next…we communicate the smile style you’ve chosen to our lab and they create a diagnostic wax up of your new smile on models. This allows you to “preview” your new smile. We do not continue the case until you’re happy with your smile design. Once we have your approval, we make a mold of the diagnostic wax up using a silicon putty material. We use this mold of your wax-up to make the temporary veneers (we call them “provisionals”) you’ll wear while the real things are being made at the lab. This gives you one more opportunity to get a glimpse of your new smile…since the temp’s are going to be shaped just like your porcelain veneers.

Let’s look at a case we did for Catherine to demonstrate how all of this works. On the left is the Smile Style Guide we use to allow the patient to choose the smile design they prefer. On the right is the diagnostic wax-up and stent we used to let Catherine preview her new smile. We used the stent to make her provisional (temporary) veneers during the two weeks it takes for the ceramist to complete their artistry. This gives the patient several days to “test drive” their new “look” before getting the “real thing.” It’s great to see your new smile on a model, but even BETTER when you can take a look at your new smile in the bathroom mirror! If, by chance, you think the veneers are too short, too long, too anything…it’s a simple matter to correct before you get the “real thing”.

Please take a look at pre and post-op porcelain veneer images in our Smile Gallery.

The bottom line when doing Smile Makeovers is this…The BEST surprise, is NO surprise!

See more beautiful smiles in the Photo Gallery! See Catherine’s kind note to us on the Testimonials page.

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Excellent treatment
James H.
As usual, everyone is always courteous, and I would gladly recommend Dr. Quevedo. My visits are always pleasant.
Dr. Queveda was recommended by a friend and I received prompt, quality service. He put me at ease with what needed to be done. Everyone in the office […]
Jean K.
Very satisfied!
Shereen S.
Great service. All the staff are very profecional.
Ines C.
Sandy provided excellent service. She is a key reason why I continue to come.
I'm so grateful the doctor could save my broken tooth ! M.J.
Mary H.
Hands down the best cavity fix I have ever been through. No pain and no numbness. Dr. Q was quick and courteous. I will be telling everyone about […]
Scott G.
I enjoy all the people working at Dr. Quevedo's office every time I go there.
Lynell H.
Sandy was great as usual!
Drew D.
I was pretty nervous about getting my tooth pulled but after I entered the office I saw Julie's smiling face. I expressed my nervousness to her and […]
Kim F.
Really love the doctor and the staff! Everyone is super nice, and you are always in and out quickly! I have a fear of the dentist, and they are […]
As always, everything went great, as great as can be expected considering I was at the dentist! Ha ha
Laura M.
Good scheduling, good over work
Byron C.
Sandy is amazing. Extremely professional and deeply cares for her patients. Same applies For Dr. Quevedo.i
John D.
Sandy makes a trip to the dentist a leasure with outstanding attention to detail and care
James H.
Dr. Q and Sandy are great I have been a patient for over ten years.
Roderick J.
Patricia R.
Sandy and the rest of the staff were wonderful as always. Sandy is the most patient and gentle hygienist I've ever known. I never thought I would […]
Matthew B.
Dr. Quevedo and his staff was professional, helpful, while also being personable, making one comfortable to return knowing you will be given […]
Sadie C.
Sandy was/is always fantastic!!
Randy H.
My experience with Advance Dental Care was Excellent.
Ross M.
As always! Sandy is an angel.
Leigh K.
Dr. Q and Sandy are both wonderful caring individuals and very professional.
Judy W.
Did an excellent job. Did not have insurance worked out and they continued to work with me. Great staff and my need was met. Thanks Dan, and everyone!
Zachary S.
We appreciate everything everyone did for us last Weds . My husband was in extreme pain & they removed the tooth despite the swelling & infection. We […]
John D.
Excellent, as always with Sandy and Dr. Quevedo! I went right home and took my medication. I have only two capsules left for next time. How do I get […]
Joree N.
Dr. Quevedo and his staff are super. I have been going to this dental practice for 11 years and love all these professionals who take great care of […]
Kathy S.
The technology amazed me. Everyone was very friendly and very thorough. Easily the best dental visit I have ever had. Wish I had been coming here all […]
Scott G.
Dr Quevedo seems to be a very conscientious dentist.
Deloris B.
Doctor Quevedo and Sandy are the best! They are very professional and dedicated to their jobs.
Vanessa V.
It is always such a pleasure to have the service from Sandy and Dr. Quevedo. I am their fan patient for the last thirteen years. They are caring and […]
Kyounghee H.
Excellent care, as always!
Rhonda R.
The staff is extremely friendly and personable. Julie at the front desk was a great help and someone whom I believe to be an asset to the practice. I […]
Sandchai K.
As usual we had a wonderful experience at Sweetwater smiles. They are the kindest , most caring Dental office I have ever been in! I highly recommend […]
Sarah F.
The experience was professional and friendly just as expected.
James M.
In my lifetime I have sat in a dentist chair many times. I must say that the staff at Sweetwater Smiles are the best. My appointment time is honored […]
Denise G.
I am very pleased with my crown and the service from a friendly staff.
Ida M.
Great staff. Sandy does great work every time I come.
David S.
The most fantastic, friendly and wonderful place to get a healthy beautiful smile.
Donna A.
Went well, no issues
Jon H.
Excellent timely and professional service with valuable information provided during my last appointment.
Ross M.
Good scheduling - good care
Byron C.
Great service and friendly staff.
Always a pleasure coming to the office! The staff is all very personable and the service is excellent. I have yet to be disappointed and I have been […]
Alice M.
Excellent experience. Entire staff was attentive and caring. Dr. Quevedo took his time and did excellent work.
Sandy, my hygienist has always been friendly and professional, and made me feel safe and that I was in good hands. :-) Dr. Quevedo has been my […]
Christopher Q.
We get the best dental care that anyone can give and all the staff are just as good . I couldn't servive with out them.
Maurice C.
Sandy cleaned my daughter's teeth. We have been going to her for 12 years and she is the best always. I love Dr. Quevedo too. Cannot tell you how […]
Katherine S.
The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It feels like you are being treated as an individual. Dr. Quevedo, is a fantastic dentist, with tremendous […]
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