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Full and Partial Dentures in Longwood, FL

How Can Dentures Help You?

You can avoid the loss of dental function, changes in facial structure and appearance, and lack of overall confidence that occurs from you are missing teeth by getting a set of dentures. A denture is a specially-made dental appliance that features a set of replacement teeth on either a removable dental frame or a permanent dental implant. Dentures can remain strong and beautiful for over 10 years with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Can You Find Different Kinds of Dentures in Sweet Water?

Yes, there is a wide variety available today. After a thorough evaluation, our dentists can help you select the affordable quality dentures that are ideal for you. Please review the distinctions among your choices:

How Are Full and Partial Dentures Different?

If you need to replace most or all of our teeth, then a full denture is for you. These are available as either removable or fixed, with the removable denture laying atop your gums and the fixed denture held in your jaw with dental implants. If you opt for full dentures, our dentist will extract any existing teeth and you need to wear the temporary denture provided to give your gums time to heal. When your gums are healthy again, you will receive your permanent denture and have it adjusted for comfort.

Partial dentures let you keep your current teeth in place while replacing the few teeth you have lost. The denture resembles a bridge, but it is not permanent like a bridge. Rather, it relies on clasps that connect to the teeth on either side. A partial denture must be removed every evening for cleaning.

Why Would You Want Flexible Partial Dentures?

You would this type of denture if you wanted greater comfort and discretion. The entire denture is formed out of a supple, weightless, flesh-colored material instead of having a hard acrylic base and rigid, gleaming metal clasps like a traditional denture. Wearing a flexible partial denture makes it practically undetectable.

What Are the Advantages of Implant-Supported Dentures?

An implant-supported denture gets held in place with either two or four dental implants inserted into your bottom jawbone instead of loosely sitting on top of your gums. It’s typically made as a lower denture, because these teeth demand more stability than your upper teeth. As with a traditional denture, it needs to be taken out every night and rinsed well.

Why Choose All-on-Four Dentures?

This advanced implant technique offers greater bite strength and the ease of a fixed denture. With this technique, you can replace an entire set of lower teeth with merely four dental implants.

What Does Getting Dentures Entail?

Your personal procedure will depend on the denture you receive and the state of your dental health. Usually, the first step is having dental impressions made and getting your mouth measured to ensure that your dentures suit your needs. Then, any diseased teeth are removed and you will wear a temporary denture until your new dentures are crafted. The procedure changes if you are getting an implant-supported denture because you will instead have your implants embedded at this stage. As soon as your new denture is ready, you will return to our office to have your dentist place and adjust your brand new denture.

Is a Denture Costly?

Many factors will determine how much your dentures cost, such the need for preparatory dental work, the type of denture selected, and the expense of all materials used. Our dentist will listen to your personal and financial needs, and then suggest the right dentures for you. To arrange a private consultation, call our office right away.

Why Consider a Soft Reline for Dentures?

Rather than the rigid acrylic material used to line a traditional denture, a soft denture reline is made with a flexible, comfortable substance that stays supple for several years. It can prevent you from experiencing any pain or soreness from the denture.

For affordable quality dentures, look no further than our dental practice. Let us help you regain an attractive, healthy smile. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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